Are you thinking of changing the casing of your mobile? If you are looking for a case for your phone, one of those that, in addition to being resistant, are elegant and comfortable and, at the same time, are original and sporty, read on. This post is dedicated to lovers of high competition sports, and to those who are very clear that quality in this type of accessories is crucial and that the most avant-garde design is key to making a difference.

If there is an iPhone case that you have to try, it is the Racing Series, a case made entirely by hand with the material par excellence of the moment: carbon fiber. To give you an idea of ​​why the carbon fiber mobile phone case is a perfect purchase, we give you a fact: this high-end component is the most revolutionary on the market because it is used to make the equipment of our sports idols like Formula 1, motorcycling, tennis or snow boarding.

Its main characteristics are its high flexibility and resistance, its enormous lightness and its extreme tolerance to high temperatures.Can you imagine a cover like this? Well, it exists and the best of all is that in Suritt they are compatible for all the latest generation models of Apple phones. iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini etc.. which one is yours?

Carbon Fiber Cases for Iphone

This mobile phone case is made with the best carbon fibers on the market: aramid and vectrano. You will be surprised by its matte finish soft to the touch, its weight (11.5 gr.) And its ultra slim 0.7 mm design. with maximum stability. Considered the thinnest iPhone case on the market.

To give this product a plus, Suritt takes care of this accessory down to the last detail using top quality cowhide inside to protect the phone from the slightest friction, adapting perfectly to the device and allowing easy access to the buttons. In addition, thanks to its special combination of materials, the emission and reception performance will be optimal whether you connect to the network, via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS.

What will wearing a cover of this type give you in terms of your look? Above all, a lot of personality, that of a person who is up to date, that of someone who is capable of setting style even in those small details that finish off any style such as the belt, the scarf, the glasses, the hat and, of course , the covers that protect all your tech devices. Another advantage of this case is that it combines with everything thanks to its elegant matte black color and is feasible both during your office hours and on your leisure days.

Carbon Fiber Covers for AirPods

For the most gourmets, for those who have already discovered the advantages of using wireless headphones compared to those with traditional cables, Suritt's most sporty line also proposes you to choose the case made by hand with carbon fiber for AirPods. from the Racing Series line.

Complying with all the material requirements of high competition teams, you can transport this case comfortably because it fits anywhere thanks to its ideal size, the thinnest on the market. With only 0.7 mm. thick, this case has two independent pieces that fit perfectly to the devices that, incidentally, can be charged in a wireless charging base without having to remove them from said case.

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