Who said that the looks to go to the office are boring and not appetizing? Fortunately, this phrase is as old-fashioned as the fact of not discovering and enjoying all the options offered by the world of technological fashion accessories to give our daily style that “pro” touch and the latest that make us feel better and, above all, they make things much easier for us.

Whether in teleworking mode (where it is already proven that it is better not to neglect personal style) or in person, it is clear that there are technology accessories for our electronic devices that we can no longer live without because, beyond the purely aesthetic Which is also important! These accessories not only help us to make a difference, giving us a professional personality, but they also give us the possibility of keeping our equipment, as if it were a shield, safe from bumps, scratches or dirt, for longer.


And entering the matter, first question ... How much do you love your inseparable MacBook?

If you are one of those who goes into anger when your MacBook suffers a small scratch, perhaps imperceptible, but for you, a super scratch! The idea is to find a case with a modern, resistant, ultra-thin design and, of course, made with the best materials, such as those offered by Suritt, for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13´´ and MacBook Pro 15´´ and MacBook Pro 16´ ´, in different colors and textures that guarantee the total protection of the device, thanks to the exquisite execution of its expert hands and the originality of its avant-garde creations.

Brown, pink or black are the three tones of this case or cover, made of the iconic Corteccia material, from this Made in Spain firm. The cover, handcrafted in Elda, the cradle of footwear and leather goods par excellence, differs from the rest because it has an ultra slim, flexible and light design that does not take up space in the bag and is made of Italian cowhide leather. first quality, with a leather interior, with a resistant and durable finish that provides 360º protection to the device.

Second question Is there anything more uncomfortable than constantly having to straighten a slippery and unstable iPad case?

IPad cases? There are, there are! but that they comply with all the guarantees of quality and resistance, not so many. Therefore, if the iPad is that fetish device that occupies not only your working hours but also many hours of your leisure, covering it with a case made with a resistant finish that adapts perfectly to the measurements of your device is crucial to repeat! make life easier for us. In black, brown or pink, Suritt iPad Cases also feature a separate and secure holder for 1st and 2nd generation Apple Pencils.
iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro 9.7´´, iPad Pro 10.5´´, iPad Pro 11´´, iPad Pro 12.9´´ are all sizes compatible with the Suritt strap proposal.

Third question… Do you already belong to the “anti cables” league?

That the "helmets" of a lifetime have their days numbered is a fact and that replacing them with a bluetooth headset is the coolest thing and, incidentally, operative when we spend many hours talking on the phone, it is also. But how do we keep them? With much affection, above all, because they are not exactly cheap, and thanks to covers such as the limited edition model, Kenya, the jewel of the house Suritt, designed for Airpods PRO, carry Airpods without fear of getting lost, To confuse them with those of your companions or that they do not load correctly is only a matter of testing their effectiveness. This case, which features a super resistant gold chain and is designed in premium quality leather with a patent leather finish and camouflage motif, guarantees easy assembly and removal of the charging case and gives the possibility of charging them, without removing the leather case , in wireless charging base.

So, as dictated by the international catwalk and many of its great exponents, wearing the Airpods in a case in a fashion key as a necklace is what sets the trend. House cases are compatible for Airpods 1-2 or Airpods Pro.


And speaking of an international catwalk, do you know what the world's most famous fashion brands dictate when it comes to smartwatch?

Surely you already know. A watch that informs us at the moment of much more than what time it is, it deserves to be well dressed and have a good wardrobe at the height of the circumstances or, what is the same, to have its own collection of straps to change depending on your look.
And how do you find the perfect strap? Quality, durability and design are the three fundamental premises and choosing the finishes and materials that best suit your style will be the second step. Apple Watch 6, SE, 5, 4, 3 are all smartwatches compatible with Suritt's proposal of straps available in the two sizes 42 mm and 44 mm.


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