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The Apple AirPods SIDNEY SADDLE BROWN case by SURITT is made of genuine leather with a crocodile print in camel color and metallic detail in gold. The SURITT AirPods case adapts perfectly to the charging case and allows you to see the LED light through a precise hole. Perfect to protect our AirPods and give it a characteristic touch with the best 100% natural materials.


1. The AirPods SURITT case is made of 100% natural genuine leather of the highest quality.

2. Offers 360 protection for your AirPods case against bumps, scratches, dirt and other daily damage.

3. The leather case does not affect the opening of the Airpods and SURITT guarantees easy assembly and removal of the cargo case.

4. You can charge your Airpods without removing the leather case and it allows you to charge them on a wireless charging base.

5. Protect your AirPods without increasing its size.

6. Front LED visible for the Apple Airpods 2.

7. Valid for Apple AirPods 1 and Apple AirPods 2.