AirPods Pro Case Racing Series

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RACING SERIES is the sportiest line of SURITT that meets the material requirements of the highest competition teams.
This case for AirPods Pro is made of authentic carbon fiber, a material well known for its lightness, elegant appearance and resistance. Its thickness of 0.7 mm makes this AirPods Pro case the thinnest on the market, and it also has a matte finish that is very pleasant to the touch. This case is made up of two independent pieces that fit perfectly to the device.



- 100% Carbon Fiber: made with the best carbon fibers on the market: aramid and vectrano (monocoque).
- Soft touch matte finish.

- 6g of weight.
- 0.6mm ULTRA SLIM design with maximum stability.
- Thanks to its special combination of materials, this cover does not affect emission and reception performance (Network, WiFi, Bluetooth or GPS)
- Perfectly fits the device, consisting of two pieces.
- Visible front LED.
- You can charge your Airpods Pro without removing the case, it also allows you to charge them in a wireless charging base.